SVCC - Stroud Valleys Canal Company
1Stroud Valleys Canal Company
Stroud Valleys Canal Company

The Company was incorporated on 26th March, 2009 and was set up to acquire the property assets necessary to deliver restoration of the canal between Brimscombe and Stonehouse (phase 1a) and the creation of the multi-user trail between Stonehouse and Saul (phase 1b). It is limited by guarantee and will hold charitable status, exempting it from Stamp Duty Land Tax.

As lead partner in the phase 1 restoration, Stroud District Council has a minority interest in the company. Interests are also held by the owners that have vested their land in it. An interest is also held by the Cotswold Canals Trust.

Once the canal is restored, the company will take on responsibility for its operational management, maintenance and repair. This will include Brimscombe Port, where a developer would be expected to restore the canal and then transfer it to the company.

Registered Office:
Ebley Mill
Westward Road
Company number: 6860375
David Fletcher (CoPSN rep)
Ken Burgin (CCT rep)
Geoff Dyer (independant)
Peter Best (independant)

In addition Sheila Harris is the Company Secretary

PDFPDF View the Memorandum & Articles of Association

PDFPDF View the Certificate of Incorporation

Land holdings:

Stroudwater Navigation route:

Lease of 999 years from April 2005

Saul – Wallbridge (6.2 miles)

Brimscombe Port Industrial Estate:

Freehold from British Waterways

Circa 2.4 ha (5.9 acres) 

T&S Canal between Walbridge and Brimscombe:

Most (not quite all) of freehold

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